Whether writing fiction, non-fiction, or for an academic audience, it is vital to have work read by an experienced editor before publication. Errors will distract the reader from the content, often leading them to put down work otherwise of good quality. This matters when self-publishing, or when submitting to agents or publishing houses, because the vast competition means typos are an easy reason to dismiss work.

Using a skilled editing and proofreading service means your work will be considered for its innate value, rather than judged on its presentation. A skilled editor’s work is invisible, granting peace of mind that your work is the best it can be.

Olivia Wood heads up an editorial team with many years experience in publishing. Team members have worked with theses and dissertations; for newspapers, journals and magazines; and edited both fiction and non-fiction books.

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TextMender Logo“Olivia did a fantastic job
fixing up the ebooks for
the Mistborn trilogy in
the UK. It’s a shame that
readers can’t truly appreciate
the work that copy editors
and proofreaders do, because
when they do a perfect
job like Olivia did, readers won’t notice a thing.
All they’ll see is the story itself, and that’s the best
thing a writer can hope
to ask for.”

– Brandon Sanderson, author
of the Mistborn series